Open Cloud Academy: Bridging The Cloud Computing Skills Gap

Organizations are struggling to hire talent with the cloud computing skills necessary for the new world of IT. We see it ourselves. In a recent survey of 1,300 companies, we found that more than half of the organizations we polled suffer from a shortage of cloud computing talent.

This shortage comes as two-thirds of the companies we polled are seeking to boost their IT skills to levels required to manage cloud computing environments.

Cloud computing is and will continue to be a critical skill set in the IT space. Cloud adoption will continue to increase as companies turn to the cloud to spark agility and innovation while reducing costs.

The demand is there, but right now the supply is not. We hope to change that.

This week Rackspace opened the doors to the Open Cloud Academy, an educational program designed to arm students with affordable IT certifications, specifically around open cloud technologies. We want to offer an innovative, hands-on learning experience that helps jumpstart careers in open cloud technologies, including but not limited to sharpening Linux expertise, cyber and network security and software development.

Here at Rackspace, we understand the importance of cloud skills in the workforce. The Open Cloud Academy is one way we’re looking to bridge the IT skills gap in the market today. We’re taking the same principles of our internal training for Rackers and offering them externally.

We hope the Open Cloud Academy can bring more people up to speed on cutting edge cloud and open cloud technologies and fill the skills gap that the cloud has created. And it can do it in months as opposed to years.

The Open Cloud Academy is in San Antonio’s Weston Centre, and offers classrooms, a lounge area, a kitchen, instructor offices and a private testing space.

Learn more about the Open Cloud Academy in these videos:

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  1. There are quite a few problems with your survey. First, we have 10-digit phone numbers, not 9. Second, the sequencing of your questions is incorrect. Ex. If yes, go to question #_, if no, go to question #_. This is true for all questions of that nature. Just FYI. Hope it helps!

  2. Certainly interested in this offering. We are in the process of providing this in China and would really like to know what your plans are and maybe if we can work together. We are a local group of very skilled full-stack engineers, meaning we deal with OpenStack for virtualization, but provide skills for the whole vertical stack, like nginx, PHP development skills, how-to scale MySQL, etc.

  3. I am very interested. I teach introductory Computer Science and have taught Information Technology, but I need a crash course that will reintroduce me to cloud computing and new technologies.

  4. I would like to attend the July info and enollment seminar how do I make that happen???? I am extremely interested and motivated to moving into the IT world!


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