Open Compute Lab Comes To UTSA

The Open Compute Project (OCP) this week established North America’s first Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

UTSA joins the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan as the first designees in the world with Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratories.

The UTSA Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory will encourage the development and adoption of open source technologies such as Open Compute, OpenStack and Big Data. The laboratory will work closely with the OCP Certification and Interoperability Project to:

  • Conduct Open Compute certification
  • Develop quality assurance tools and methodologies
  • Research, build and publish OCP-based cloud and big data reference architectures
  • Support Open Compute events by providing educational opportunities

“I think the leadership at UTSA has been visionary with regard to co-investment in this certification program and partnership with the Open Compute community,” said Mark Roenigk, Rackspace COO. “At Rackspace, we believe Open Compute is going to be the next computing hardware platform to support all of the emerging cloud and big data technologies. The Open Compute community has some of the best talent and this partnership will create technology leadership for UTSA, San Antonio and the State of Texas. We want the best IT talent to stay right here in Texas.”

As the OCP continues to grow and as its partner community designs and builds more and more OCP platforms, laboratories like the one at UTSA will play an integral role in providing a transparent, community-based approach to address quality assurance and to ensure systems meet their specifications for enterprise production deployment.

“We are partnering with industry leaders and tailoring our academic and research capabilities to fulfill their need for talented students and the students’ need for learning the latest technologies,” said Raj Boppana, the Interim Chair of the Department of Computer Science at UTSA. “We want to continue to foster adoption of open technologies and make it easier to deploy Open Compute server and storage systems for Big Data and cloud solutions.“

The AMD Open System 3.0 and Intel Decathlete with high memory capacity are the first systems receiving the OCP certified logo from UTSA’s laboratory. To learn more about the UTSA OCP Certification and Solution Laboratory, click here.

This week, the Open Compute Summit is being held in San Jose, Calif. Check out the conference schedule and tune into the livestream.

Rackspace is participating in two sessions at the Open Compute Summit:

  • Tuesday, January 28 at 2 p.m. PST: “Small Steps From Individual Participants Lead to Giant Steps in the Community” – Wes Jess (VP Supply Chain, Rackspace) and Aaron Sullivan (Director & Principal Engineer, Supply Chain, Rackspace)
  • Tuesday, January 28 at 4:15 p.m. PST: Panel: “Exploring Renewable Energy Solutions for Datacenters” – Bill Weihl (Manager of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Facebook); Vince Van Son (Data Center Energy Manager, Facebook); Gary Cook (Senior Policy Analyst, Greenpeace); Rob Bernard (Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft); Melissa Gray (Senior Director of Sustainability, Rackspace)
Paul Rad is an Open Cloud Research Strategist for Rackspace. Hestarted his career as a computer architect by founding Data Processing Corp, overseas before moving to the United States, and later held product and services leadership roles at Data Concepts and Dell Inc. He has numerous published articles on enterprise solutions and holds several U.S. patents in the fields of virtualization, clustering, software engineering and quality assurance. Paul holds a Master of Computer Architecture from Sharif University and a Master of Computer Science from University of Texas at San Antonio. Paul has been a strong supporter of connecting university and industry in order to build the future workforce. He is a standing committee member of Quantitative Literacy at University of Texas at San Antonio.


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