Open Source Data Synchronization between Servers

Google, Apple and Microsoft take pride in offering ways to synchronize your data to the mobile device of your choice; however, the consumer, smitten by the power of incredible services and devices dwells at the center of a smorgasbord of phones, PDAs, computers, email accounts, and social networking services. At this point consumers spend a better part of their web time trying to unify their personal and shared data across platforms and devices rather than letting it happen automatically.
Enter Mailtrust. Up until this point we have offered a way to sync your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes for our Noteworthy product to your BlackBerry, Outlook, Windows Mobile or iPhone seamlessly. Over the past few months, however, we have developed a piece of software called Source-To-Source Sync, built on top of the open source innovator Funambol, that allows one to sync data directly from one source to another across different platforms just as easily as one can sync data to their devices. We’re leveraging Source-to-Source Sync with our new Migrations project, currently in development, to allow users to migrate their data from external Exchange accounts, but the possibilities are endless.
For me this could mean keeping my Google contacts and calendars constantly synchronized with my Noteworthy contacts and calendars. Adding a contact on Noteworthy replicates the contact on Google within minutes and vice versa. Additionally, my Blackberry would be kept up-to-date through Sync for Blackberry.
Putting this all together we come to the real life scenario. I happen upon a long lost friend in a coffee shop where I take down his contact information on my Blackberry only to find that I have misplaced my phone at lunchtime. Since I promised to call him I open my laptop and browse to my Gmail account to get his info only to find that the servers are down. Finally — and thankfully — I browse to my Noteworthy account, and by the virtue of Source-To-Source Sync, I find the contact and make the call!
And, its open source! We just launched the Source-to-Source Sync home page on Funambol Forge. Go there to download the code, submit feature requests and track development of new features. This is perfect for developers interested in getting a platform supported or building a new feature for the project. We welcome all contributions big or small.

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