Opening Doors for Open Source

Which of the following companies use open source software for vital business functions?
a) Mailtrust
b) Microsoft
c) Google
d) NYSE Euronext
e) All of the Above
Answer: E) All of the above. Are you surprised? More and more companies are harnessing the flexibility and possibilities of open source software development. Open source refers to software with a publicly accessible source code that programmers can modify to their purposes. Mailtrust uses open source – a lot. We believe in the idea and like the ability to modify software to suit our needs. We use Linux, MySQL, Dovecot, Postfix, Funambol, Hadoop, and Zookeeper for a variety of functions from mobile sync to search. We contribute back to the open source projects where we can by reporting bugs, enhancing the code, and by encouraging others to use this free software.
But we want to do more to support the growth of the open source community. What more you ask? Well, for starters, we hosted an Open Source Round Table to keep the conversation going locally in Blacksburg, VA. By creating a forum for those who are passionate about open source software, we’re contributing to the future growth of open source projects and creating a place for developers and other interested parties to share and learn from each other. The free pizza was an added bonus! We’ve also added open source pioneer, Timo Sirainen, creator and lead developer for Dovecot, the highest performing open-source IMAP server for Linux/Unix, to the Mailtrust team.
If you’ve never used open source software, now is the perfect time to start. Just search online for software that interests you, check out the project’s website, download the software and use it for free, and if you’re really brave you can download the source code and start hacking!

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