OpenStack 101: What Is OpenStack? [VIDEO]

If you’re not quite sure exactly what OpenStack is; you’re not alone. We’re frequently asked what OpenStack is and why we think it’s better than anything else out there.

Essentially, OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system driven by a thriving community. OpenStack now powers open public and private clouds – in our data centers or yours – all backed by our legendary Fanatical Support. It makes once-complicated tasks like deploying applications much simpler; and it helps our customers avoid lock-in.

Here’s a quick primer on OpenStack, what it is and who uses it – let’s call it OpenStack 101. This video dives into OpenStack from a high level to show you why it’s so awesome.

Have questions or comments about OpenStack? Feel free to ask them here; or reach out to Niki (@NikiAcosta) and Scott (@ScottSanchez) on Twitter.


  1. you mention a list of use cases at

    i see some user stories, but can’t seem to find a list of use cases. could you direct me to this? thx


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