OpenStack 101: What Is OpenStack? [VIDEO]

If you’re not quite sure exactly what OpenStack is; you’re not alone. We’re frequently asked what OpenStack is and why we think it’s better than anything else out there.

Essentially, OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system driven by a thriving community. OpenStack now powers open public and private clouds – in our data centers or yours – all backed by our legendary Fanatical Support. It makes once-complicated tasks like deploying applications much simpler; and it helps our customers avoid lock-in.

Here’s a quick primer on OpenStack, what it is and who uses it – let’s call it OpenStack 101. This video dives into OpenStack from a high level to show you why it’s so awesome.

Have questions or comments about OpenStack? Feel free to ask them here; or reach out to Niki (@NikiAcosta) and Scott (@ScottSanchez) on Twitter.

  • amby

    HI Niki, for some reason the video is not complete. Can you provide an alternate link ?

  • Good Post. Please feel free to reference our article “Beginner’s Guide to OpenStack” for additional information. Read More:

  • amby

    nevermind. I got it, Very nice, 6 min short and informative to get started.

  • Why does the label on “Storage” change to “Object Storage” when it zooms forward? Seems worth fixing.

  • Rob S

    you mention a list of use cases at

    i see some user stories, but can’t seem to find a list of use cases. could you direct me to this? thx

    • Niki Acosta

      Rob- You are correct. What’s on is primarily user stories that represent a few different use cases. We just published some certified reference architectures here:

      I also authored a whitepaper called “Big Data on the Open Cloud” that lays out how our Enterprise Business Intelligence team used Rackspace Prviate Cloud software (powered by OpenStack) to build an analytic compute grid. The results were pretty amazing! You can find/download that whitepaper here:

      Thanks for your questions. Feel free to let us know if there are topics you’d like to see covered in future videos!

  • Niki Acosta

    Lloyd, error on my part. Storage represents both object storage and block storage. Good catch and thanks for noticing!

  • Excellent. FYI Miguel Lavalle gave a great presentation on quantum at the Austin user group last night (1-15-2013).

  • Susheel

    I am not able to view the video in Firefox. Is it supposed to work on all browsers or only a chosen one ? Thanks.

  • Gopikrishna

    Really a good stuff and Informative video.