OpenStack Announces Next Two Cloud Platform Releases at First Public Design Summit

OpenStack completed its first public Design Summit last week, November 9-12, at the Weston Centre in San Antonio. The event attracted more than 250 people from 90 companies and 14 countries to plan the next two releases, code-named ‘Bexar’ and ‘Cactus’. The four-day event was hosted by Rackspace® Hosting, a founding member of the open source project.

The OpenStack Design Summit featured two separate tracks, one consisting of developer-led sessions to plan the next two code releases, and one for interested users and the partner ecosystem to discuss deployment and commercial opportunities. The Summit also featured an ‘InstallFest,’ where attendees were able to test and document the installation process on a live, on-site environment provided by Dell and powered by the company’s PowerEdge C server line.

“From development, to documentation and deployment, last week’s OpenStack Design Summit enabled the OpenStack community to come together to learn and make the key decisions for the next two code releases,” said Jim Curry, chief stacker and general manager, OpenStack.

To read more about the OpenStack Design Summit and see who keynote speakers and award recipients were, click here. Also, see the video below for a recap of the Design Summit.

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