OpenStack At MIT: A Closer, Time-Lapse Look At Our Cloud In A Box

We’re continuing to follow our technical training team’s four-night course on OpenStack at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Night three of the course focused on Swift, OpenStack’s massively scalable object storage system that was invented at Rackspace.

Like all of OpenStack, Swift runs on standard hardware. In our OpenStack training classes that standard hardware is what our training team calls a “Cloud in a Box” – a portable, working OpenStack cloud lab that can easily be set up and torn down in 20 minutes or less. The Cloud in a Box features more than 20 basic Dell laptops, a switch, lots of Ethernet cables and a master server called “Black Sheep,” controlled by some custom software to boot up whatever configuration is needed for each class.

Before last night’s class started, we set up a few cameras to capture the set up with time-lapse photography. Here’s the video with Rackspace trainer Bryon McCollum doing the play-by-play.

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Larry Meyer leads the Rackspace Creative Services team. He is a former TV reporter and anchor and passionate geek about all things tech.


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