OpenStack – Birth Of The Open Cloud

Today marks the Third Anniversary of OpenStack. In this mini-documentary, we hear from some of the founders and early contributors to OpenStack as they look back to the initial collaboration and reflect on the joining of like-minded developers and technologists that ignited the OpenStack open source movement.

I joined Rackspace in October 2010, three months after OpenStack launched, and since then I have attended many of the OpenStack Summits as an observer and documentarian. As a filmmaker who has always been interested in social movements, it has been fascinating to watch the amazing growth of the community contributing to the OpenStack project. The OpenStack community today has evolved into a global community of over 10,000 contributors, 1,000 code authors and over 200 companies in 120 countries. This growth continues at an astonishing pace, with design summits doubling in size every six months. But ultimately, my fascination with OpenStack has been even further enhanced by the innovation and change that this community is creating and all the possible ways they can and will change the world.

Dave Sims currently serves as Rackspace's Culture Branding Lead. Previously, he was Video Manager, Lead Producer and Storyteller. His approach to telling Rackspace's story has been to humanize the technology experience by taking complex technical ideas and communicating them in a dynamic and compelling way. Dave attended the London Film School in the mid-90s and produced five feature films and over 60 commercials on three continents before joining Rackspace in 2010.


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