OpenStack Gains Enterprise Backing: A peek at Project Olympus

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When we founded OpenStack nine months ago, we could not imagine how quickly the code would advance and community would grow.  We also could not predict the enterprise demand for an open source cloud alternative.

But many enterprises looking to adopt OpenStack want a support network: people they trust to guide them through the process of deploying OpenStack and companies willing to stand behind the code.  The ecosystem has responded, building products that help users run OpenStack and helping drive enterprise adoption.

We took one step forward by launching Rackspace Cloud Builders deployment services and support in February, and today Citrix makes another significant move by announcing their commercial distribution of OpenStack, code named “Project Olympus“.  Through the Citrix Early Access Program, enterprises and service providers can deploy the Citrix-certified version of OpenStack with services from Rackspace Cloud Builders, as well as tested hardware and proven reference architectures from Dell.

Both Citrix and Dell were early to recognize the potential for OpenStack and have invested heavily in the community from the beginning.  Citrix brings a strong reputation in the enterprise and among public cloud providers, with the Xen hypervisor deployed in the majority of public clouds.  But Citrix also realized Enterprises need flexibility, and took the lead to adding support for VMware to OpenStack.

The innovation continues.  Enterprises don’t want to build a private cloud in isolation. OpenStack makes it possible for enterprises to run the same cloud operating system in their own datacenters as we’re running in Rackspace datacenters.  This will enable several use cases and unique hybrid scenarios.  For example, we have been working with Citrix to demonstrate their NetScaler Cloud Bridge, which can seamlessly move web and application servers to the cloud while keeping sensitive systems within the enterprise datacenter.

To learn more about the Early Access Program for Citrix Project Olympus, contact Rackspace Cloud Builders here.

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