OpenStack Hits A Sweet Spot For MIT Students, Researchers

After a second night of Rackspace Training for OpenStack at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it’s clear that students and researchers believe OpenStack can help accelerate their projects from aeronautics and astronautics to earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences.

Rackspace technical trainer John McKenzie says OpenStack really hits a sweet spot for these students and scientists because it’s relatively cheap, quick and easy to set up compared to traditional academic computing centers.

MIT researcher John Wright adds that researchers typically try to set up their own hardware or rely on national data centers to get the computing power they need to analyze big data sets. Both approaches can have trouble scaling as demand grows and deadlines approach. OpenStack’s open model and ability to scale using commodity hardware changes that.

Watch this video to learn more about Rackspace Training for OpenStack at MIT from the students, researchers and the trainers.

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Larry Meyer leads the Rackspace Creative Services team. He is a former TV reporter and anchor and passionate geek about all things tech.



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