OpenStack, Open Cloud Ready For Primetime

OpenStack is ready. And the era of open cloud is here. Rackspace is using it to power its public cloud. Customers and partners are screaming for it. And more than 1,000 attendees are expected to descend upon San Francisco this week to learn more about it at the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference.

The community-driven open source cloud operating system, which is now in its fifth release, called Essex, is ready to storm the market and be a true open standards contender against proprietary clouds and vendor lock in.

In a fireside chat this week at Rackspace’s open cloud launch, Rackspace President Lew Moorman, Rackspace CTO John Engates, Nicira CTO and Co-Founder Martin Casado and SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos discussed OpenStack, the technologies being built around it and the market’s need for open standards in the cloud.

“You need a de facto standard if you’re really going to change the word of IT,” Casado said, noting that OpenStack’s backing by HP, IBM and hundreds of other companies is a bellwether for what’s to come in the cloud.

Later, noting that OpenStack is creating an inflection point, Casado continued, “Ultimately, OpenStack is about the transformation if IT. And I know that sounds really grandiose, but at the end of the day we’re changing the way we do business. We’re changing the way we do business in industry. We’re changing the way we do business in universities and in government. And in order to do that, workloads need to be flexible. They need to be able to be spun up anywhere and moved anywhere … and in order to have this – this transformation of IT – you need to have an open standard.”

Look for more conversations around OpenStack and the open cloud today as the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference continues at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco. Check out the conference agenda for more discussion on OpenStack’s momentum and a deeper dive into the OpenStack ecosystem.

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