OpenStack Summit: Hybrid Cloud Tears Down Siloes, Fuels Collaboration

Showing a short clip from the ABC smash TV comedy “Modern Family,” DigitalFilm Tree Inc. CTO Guillaume Aubuchon showcased how OpenStack-powered public and private clouds can work together to create a true hybrid infrastructure and spark collaboration.

The Los Angeles-based post, production, creative, consulting and software development company was one of three OpenStack users to take the stage Tuesday during the opening session of OpenStack Summit Hong Kong.

Each of the three users detailed their unique use case and how it benefits from OpenStack, whether it’s the flexibility of the APIs, the ability to scale or easier collaboration. ShutterStock, an online photo marketplace that deals in huge volumes of data, said it turned to OpenStack to reduce latency issues. Meanwhile, business travel and expense reporting giant Concur detailed how it requires the ability to scale its architecture through global clusters available through OpenStack.

And for DigitalFilm Tree’s Aubuchon, it’s all about creative collaboration and tearing down siloes.

“We all have clouds,” Aubuchon said of the various stakeholders in DigitalFilm Tree’s work. The issue is that none of the content owners, content consumers or their platforms are connected; they’re all siloed. But the future of the cloud, he said, is not siloed. DigitalFilm Tree relies on open standards to create an ecosystem of collaboration.

“We need ease of migration for when content is flowing between public and private cloud throughout the production cycle on a TV series or film,” Aubuchon said. “The key to our business is a file’s journey from camera to the creative process to final distribution.”

DigitalFilm Tree makes this possible with an OpenStack private cloud and a Rackspace public cloud that creates a true hybrid cloud model and enables to company to share content between these two worlds. To demonstrate, Aubuchon showed the “Modern Family” clip using a video stream that leverages its hybrid cloud.

“What the cloud means to us – it means creative collaboration,” he said.


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