OpenStack Summit: OpenStack’s Impact On Academia

OpenStack is driving true change in academia – it’s powering some of the most sophisticated research projects at top organizations throughout the world. OpenStack has provided researchers a low cost, high performance compute option to handle intense workloads and empowers computer science engineers with a free and open cloud operating system.

Through Rackspace Training for OpenStack, we offer a seminar tailored specifically for academic audiences. The four-day seminar, which runs three hour per night, is held on campus to give students and faculty a hands-on taste of building and leveraging an OpenStack cloud. It exposes them to the compute, storage, networking and shared services OpenStack makes possible.

So far, we’ve worked with a number of universities to get them up to speed on OpenStack – we’ve worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Virginia Tech, the University of the Incarnate Word and many others.  And more are on the horizon.

It’s up to us as a community to get OpenStack into as many research organizations as possible. Through the OpenStack Academic Initiative we will provide a place for all research academics efforts to be advertized and found. We list all ongoing research, a list of conferences and a place for companies to say what they need to execute and achieve their research goals.

To join the OpenStack High Performance Computing mailing list, contact: And to bring the Rackspace Academic Seminar to your university, check out:

Rackspace Director of Training & Certification spoke about OpenStack’s Impact on Academia on Wednesday at OpenStack Summit Hong Kong.

Tony Campbell joined Rackspace in April of 2003 and currently serves as Rackspace's Director of Training and Certification. Tony and his team are responsible for educating Rackers and the public on OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud and cloud technologies in general. During his career at Rackspace, Tony has working in various software development roles, including work on our customer portal and our first cloud products. When Tony's head is not in the clouds, he enjoys spending time with his family, participating in sports and can occasionally be seen performing in local theater productions.


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