OpenStack Summit Portland: Powering The Future Of Cloud [Video]

With 2,400-plus in attendance, OpenStack Summit Portland is the largest Summit in OpenStack’s history – twice the size of the San Diego Summit just six months ago.

The Summit’s growth is a signal of the importance of the project – which has grabbed the interest of developers, operators, testers, users and more.

Between OpenStack’s Folsom and Grizzly releases, OpenStack experienced a more than 50 percent growth in contributions. According to some of the businesses closest to the project, OpenStack isn’t just about writing code; it’s about creating an infrastructure everyone can use. It’s about creating something amazing.

In this video, shot by Rackspace Videographer Jacob Forbis, we hear from Rackspace, Dell, Scalr and the OpenStack Foundation about the importance of OpenStack, the growth of OpenStack Summit and how the OpenStack project is powering the future of cloud computing.

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