Optimize Your Joomla Site To Boost Performance

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Joshua Hatfield | October 25, 2012 9:00 am

Once you have your Joomla[1] site up and running, you should consider optimizing it to streamline the experience to your end users. If you don’t optimize your website, the load times could be slow, resulting in a poor customer experience. There are several ways that you can optimize your Joomla site.

First, you can utilize a .htaccess file and cache all your images, scripts, javascripts and CSS among other things.

Second, you can add components into your Joomla site that give you more granular control[2] into what you cache. Instead of caching an entire page, you can cache specific images, media or a gallery. By doing this, your visitor’s browser response time is sure to decrease.

Finally, you should consider integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store and serve some of the media for your Joomla site.  Use a component to such as CDN for Joomla[3] to push all your media to our Cloud Files[4] offering. When you do this, you take advantage of the geographically dispersed servers in the CDN to quickly push the files to the end user, which will result in a much better experience.

It’s a good idea to cache images, especially those that are used repeatedly on the site. However, there are many types of files that benefit the site if they are cached properly. Some files change rarely and other change more often, so it’s important to cache them for different lengths of time. However, for the cache to be useful, it must be at least two hours. Here are some common suggestions:

 Find out more about how Rackspace can help you focus on building your Joomla site[5] instead of managing servers. Check out Joshua’s previous post where he discussed the importance of updating Joomla[6].
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