Oracle BAS vs Oracle EBS

Two of our most helpful and widely used support services are Oracle Business Application Support (BAS) and Oracle EBS Application Managed Services. Oracle BAS and Oracle EBS are largely complementary. While Oracle BAS supports your business users, Oracle EBS supports your Oracle E-Business suite itself. Here we take a closer look at these two services, which can work independently or together to give your enterprise a true partner for a wide range of Oracle support needs.

Oracle BAS

With a special focus on your business users, Oracle Business Application Support(BAS) offers a broad array of industry-leading Oracle support services. Beginning with 24x7x365 Tier 1 service desk support, Oracle BAS also includes regression testing, service request management, applications monitoring and a great deal more. One of the most striking aspects of the Oracle BAS offering is its unique capacity to relieve your IT department of the task of handling pressing Oracle-related questions from your business users. With Oracle BAS to back them up, your IT department no longer has to slow down when a business user needs immediate help with an Oracle-related question. The Rackspace team will handle it for them. You can think of this vital aspect of the Oracle BAS service as like having an Oracle superuser always on-call so that your IT department can keep their focus on achieving your strategic goals.

Furthermore, Oracle BAS goes well beyond offering your business users the application troubleshooting they rightfully expect. Oracle certified specialists at Rackspace have the deep industry experience to analyze and optimize your organization’s key business processes. They will work directly with your business teams to ensure that every Oracle-powered business process is operating optimally so that you can leverage your Oracle investment to its fullest extent.

Oracle EBS

We offer industry-leading support for all aspects of your Oracle E-Business Suite. Our Oracle EBS offering is specifically designed to stay within the budget you’ve set while providing the excellence you deserve. Our managed services include a wide range of Oracle-dedicated offerings, including database optimization; database schema and back-up management; security and health checks; space management, and many others.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Oracle EBS support is Rackspace’s proactive maintenance and monitoring. Our Oracle experts will not wait and see if something goes wrong before addressing it. Nor will they rely solely on our outstanding automated monitoring systems. As consummate professionals invested in helping you protect your ROI, our Oracle certified support staff will personally perform daily health check-ups on your Oracle EBS. This personal, proactive approach goes far beyond anticipating and preventing downtime and system integrity issues. Our proactive approach will help your team optimize and scale your Oracle EBS environment to achieve maximum efficiency and security.

Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Outsourcing to a seasoned  MSP with a proven track record of exceptional support has several clear advantages over hiring in-house. First, you will save a small fortune on hiring the highest level of Oracle expertise. The best MSP’s have certified specialists that have dedicated their professional lives to attaining the highest level of expertise to share with you. Second, you won’t need to worry about staying on top of the rapidly changing landscape of offerings and updates. Third, you won’t need to pay full-time experts during times when you don’t need them. MSPs are available on-demand and will only charge you for services provided as needed.

Although working with an MSP clearly holds many advantages in its own right, working with Rackspace in particular adds even more advantages to the list. We have dedicated, 24x7x365 operations spanning the globe; our professional services do not stop with technical and business support, but encompass the increasingly important domains of security and compliance; our SLAs are rock solid and deliver proven results; and we always offer you a dedicated primary database administrator (DBA) backed by a team of experts prepared to deliver on all aspects of a complete support solution.

Oracle BAS and Oracle EBS

Oracle BAS and Oracle EBS are two of the most widely used and beneficial Oracle support services that TriCore, now Rackspace, offers today. While Oracle BAS directly addresses the needs of your business users, Oracle EBS addresses the needs of your E-Business Suite itself. Depending on your own needs, these two exceptional support services can either work independently or together to serve as a true, dedicated partner for your Oracle-run enterprise.


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