Ordering Delivery Was Never Easier

I am really good at forgetting things. Mostly, I forget my lunch—which really is a shame considering I put in time each night to carefully craft the next day’s meal. Peanut butter sandwich with no crust, 22 seedless grapes, and 3 cookies. Sometimes, if I am feeling really daring, I will pack some chips. It’s all for nothing, though, as I inevitably leave it on the counter each morning (much to my dog’s delight).

Luckily, two days a week, I am saved through our employee lunch program here at work. As a group, we are given a different restaurant choice each time—Chinese, Japanese, sandwiches, BBQ, etc.  All we have to do is place our individual orders on the signup sheet. Then Rackspace pays the delivery and tip, and the remainder is taken out of our check monthly.

Whether you are too lazy to make your lunch, too forgetful to actually bring your lunch, or are just in the mood to order in, Rackspace helps out in a big way. More importantly, we don’t have to wander around the office looking to make change or trying to see who is going to tip the driver. Easy + convenient + great food = win.

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