OSCON 2010 Keynote: Toward An Open Cloud

Lew Moorman did a keynote, Toward an Open Cloud, at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon last week. It was a big week for Rackspace as we announced OpenStack which Lew discusses further in his presentation. He highlights how Rackspace got started and  has succeeded through the years which is by taking standard based technologies and making them into great services. We have progressed with our cloud computing development, serving over 100,000 customers, and we’re now committed to opening our cloud technologies to the world. We think this is the best way to bring services to our customers. He talks about our OpenStack commitment in 4 opens: open design, open development, open community and open source. Take a look to learn more.

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  1. Great presentation aside of looking kind of stressed but he did pass the message about openstack which is the main thing