Overcoming the Challenges of Microsoft Azure: Infographic

This is an interesting time for organizations that are heavily invested in Microsoft technologies.

If you haven’t yet moved to the cloud, you’re probably seriously considering Azure. And if you have already moved to the Azure cloud, you may be grappling with some very real management and resource challenges.

With help from leading industry analysts, we’ve compiled a wealth of data and found some interesting insights into Azure. We took that information and built an easy-to-read infographic, aptly named “Overcoming the Challenges of Microsoft Azure.” You can check it out at the bottom of this post.

The first finding: you’re in good company. We found that 65 percent of IT decision makers are seriously considering Azure as their public cloud platform. And most of those considering Azure share concerns around three key areas: maintenance, security and the IT skill set required to run Azure.

But the biggest challenges still stem from balancing a high volume of Azure maintenance needs against finite IT resources. From architecture design to patching and database administration, there are about 14 different administrative areas that need frequent attention. That translates into budget dollars that aren’t going into innovation or new technology investments. What’s more, if you’ve been searching for qualified Azure specialists, you know they’re increasingly hard to find.

We hope you’ll check out the infographic below. You may find it especially helpful if you’re building a business case for outsourcing Azure management, or if you need need to identify the key factors to weigh while building an in-house team (such as the cost of Azure-related expertise).

This infographic is the first of a series of blog posts we’re developing that will dive deeper into the four key challenges highlighted in the infographic:

  1. The burden of maintaining Azure
  2. The cost of Azure-related expertise
  3. The critical need to ensure security
  4. Microsoft and Rackspace: A perfect match

Check back next Tuesday for the second post, which will take a closer look at how Azure’s routine maintenance requirements (e.g., configuration, patching, troubleshooting) can prohibit IT from pursuing the kinds of strategic projects needed to move a business forward.

And of course, if you are looking to outsource Azure management and monitoring, we hope you’ll get in touch with us to learn more about Fanatical Support® for Microsoft Azure. Or visit our site for an overview of all that our fully managed offering includes.

Duan van der Westhuizen serves as Rackspace General Manager for Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure, a high growth, global business unit focused on delivering end-to-end digital transformation services on Microsoft Azure. Previously, Duan served as Director of Product and Engineering for the Microsoft Cloud portfolio at Rackspace, which included Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack and Hyper-V. He holds a number of Microsoft certifications across various technology platforms. Duan has spent more than 20 years in technology in a wide range of positions, including systems engineering, database development and design, business intelligence, product management and product marketing. He has worked in across the globe, including in South Africa, North America and the United Kingdom, and he holds an MBA in Technology Strategy from London OU.


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