Overcoming The Challenges Of Records Retention And Privacy Regulations

By Marty Hansen, Executive Vice President of Technology, Jordan Lawrence

Every company faces three challenges:

  1. Complying with laws governing records retention and privacy.
  2. Controlling data storage costs.
  3. Preparing for and managing discovery expenses.

And there are three steps to addressing the challenges:

  1. Understand what records and information you have, where you have it and how it’s being used so you can determine what to keep and what to get rid of.
  2. Develop retention rules that consider regulatory requirements and business needs.
  3. Leverage technology to execute the information governance rules.

Our value is simple: Understand what information you have and eliminate it when you don’t need it legally or operationally any longer. Our clients comply with retention and privacy laws while reducing their information storage costs and risks.

In 2001, Jordan Lawrence pivoted from a traditional consultancy to a SaaS-based business, which in many ways makes us similar to a startup even though we have a quarter-century worth of experience. Today, we deliver all of our services through this SaaS model. As such, our environment must be secure and we must adhere to all of the rules and regulations of safe data handling.

To make this happen, we rely on Rackspace. We use Rackspace Managed Private Cloud, Managed Virtualization, Rackspace Email, Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint. Our Rackspace Managed Private Cloud empowers us to maintain our solutions in an environment that meets security and compliance standards, while we use Rackspace Managed Virtualization to support our worldwide SaaS delivery mode.

We’ve been a Rackspace customer since 2011, starting with hosted email. That migration went smoothly; so much so that we confidently moved our entire product suite to Rackspace Managed Private Cloud in 2012. We migrated from 15 physical servers at our previous vendor to five physical servers at Rackspace that now host more than 40 virtual servers. We maintain a complete test, production and disaster recovery environment at Rackspace for each of our products and have achieved immeasurable performance gains through the migration.

Leveraging Rackspace gives us the power to focus on our core business and rely on the expertise of Rackspace to keep our infrastructure humming. With Rackspace, we have better coverage, scale, service and a lower TCO than we could if we handled it all ourselves.

This is a guest post written and submitted by Marty Hansen, Executive Vice President of Technology at Jordan Lawrence, a Rackspace customer. For over two decades, Jordan Lawrence has set the standards for how to make records management work. Jordan Lawrence is recognized as the world leader in the establishment and enforcement of corporate records efforts. We work with companies of all sizes and help them with services designed to assess risks, to create accurate retention schedules and file plans, and to implement defensible records management programs.


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