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Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: Security in Storage

Product & Development by Doug Denny – January 27th, 2016

For our last Deep Dive of January, departed from our customer architecture story format used in previous sessions to focus deeper on the topic of security and how it relates to our dedicated storage portfolio components.

New Rackspace-Optimized Spark Stack: Faster, More Productive

Product & Development by Casey Gotcher – January 27th, 2016

The new Rackspace-optimized Spark Stack is now faster and even more productive, with memory optimization and easier data exploration.

Customizable Stacks Mean Maximum Flexibility with Managed Cloud Big Data

Product & Development by Casey Gotcher – January 26th, 2016

We’ve been working for the past year on an entirely new provisioning system that will allow Rackspace customers to create fully customized stacks on Hadoop or Spark.

Cloud Security: New Challenges, New Solutions at Solve Connections Event

Cloud Industry Insights by Aisha Moffett – January 25th, 2016

Companies moving to the cloud has created a new set of security challenges, one of the thorniest being, who is responsible for which pieces of the security puzzle, and how should they be integrated?

Introducing the Lambda Uploader for Python

AWS by Jim Rosser – January 21st, 2016

The AWS Lambda uploader for Python can cut out some cumbersome manual steps for lambda package creation. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on track.

Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: Security and Managed Virtualization

Cloud Industry Insights by Doug Denny – January 20th, 2016

In this week’s deep dive session, we took a look at a real-world architecture that mixed dedicated bare metal components with the Rackspace Managed Virtualization platform.

Solve Connections: Tackling IT Challenges City by City

Tomorrow in Houston we’re launching Solve Connections, an invitation-only, half-day event that will hone in on an industry sector and the technology challenges it faces.

Storage Engines, Encryption at Rest and Disaster Recovery with ObjectRocket MongoDB

Product & Development by Kyle Hunter – January 19th, 2016

With a focus on storage engines, encryption-at-rest and disaster recovery, the Rackspace data team is kicking off 2016 with its strongest ObjectRocket for MongoDB offering to date.

Office Hours Hangout: John Engates Discusses his 2016 Cloud Predictions

Cloud Industry Insights by Alan Bush – January 18th, 2016

Last week my Office Hours Hangout co-host Drew Cox and I chatted with John Engates about his annual cloud predictions.

Uncovering the Penalties of Running SharePoint On-Premises

Product & Development by Caroline Lim – January 14th, 2016

Many organizations believe that for the sake of compliance, security and control, they have to run SharePoint on-premises. But maintaining this complex system can cut deeply into SharePoint’s main benefits: boosting productivity and lowering costs.

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