Keeping Tagboard Up and Running With Support and Expertise

Tagboard, which has found solid footing in the social media aggregation and display business has leveraged Rackspace’s managed ObjectRocket solution, which helps maintain their back-end data stores.

How to End the Shadow IT vs. Legacy IT Civil War

Amazon Web Services has functioned as a catalyst, breaking through traditional IT roadblocks and assisting the adoption of DevOps methodologies. But it's also sparked somewhat of a civil war between enterprise IT and its consumers,

Part 2: How To Build Fault Tolerant Cross-Region AWS Virtual Private Cloud Communication

In my last post, I spent some time setting up and experimenting with cross-region VPN connectivity. I wanted to create a secure communication channel between VPCs in different regions and ended up...

Sign Up Now for Early Access Rackspace Managed DNS powered by OpenStack

For the past year, Rackspace DNS engineers and internal users have been evaluating, testing and contributing to OpenStack Designate (DNS-as-a-service). We have now deployed Designate on our globally available, highly redundant Anycast DNS infrastructure...

Humanizing Tech: Empathy Trending at SXSW Interactive

Leaders from across industries and the country have been touting empathy as a way to not nurture your companies culture, but also as a way to make sales.