PANTHEON Takes The Guesswork Out of Hosting Drupal-Powered Websites

Today at DrupalCon San Francisco, it was my pleasure to share the stage with Bret Piatt from Rackspace, discussing how we at Chapter Three have implemented the Rackspace Cloud Servers as the platform behind our PANTHEON Mercury  On-Demand service. It was a big moment for me: we have been hard at work for months and this is the proverbial moment where we “ship” our product to the Drupal world.

Mercury On-Demand takes the guesswork out of hosting Drupal-powered websites, but without sacrificing ownership or control on the part of the developer. The Rackspace Cloud allows us to offer a rock-solid platform for Drupalists that comes pre-baked with the most powerful open-source technologies available for delivering webpages, all configured to work together flawlessly.

The result? Bulletproof Drupal websites: Varnish, APC, Pressflow, Memcached and Apache Solr all mean you can push up to 200x more traffic than before. Just add your database, files, and non-core modules/themes, and you’re site will be capable of withstanding over 2,000+ request per second without breaking a sweat.

But just as important for us: this isn’t a walled-garden where you have to sacrifice freedom for high performance. There’s no lock-in, and no secret sauce. It’s your server – you’ve got root! You can install any Drupal modules you like, or even other applications if you need to integrate. The critical aspects of the Mercury stack are managed through a modern configuration-management system called BCFG2, which includes templates so that you can still customize and tweak your environment to suit your precise use-case. This also lets you choose to upgrade as we continue developing new innovations.

We’re proud to debut this product at DrupalCon SF, to be a part of making Drupal into more of a “sure thing” for all those in the hunt for a modern, hassle-free CMS solution. We’ve got a long-term vision to leverage our experience building hundreds of high profile sites and turn every aspect of this process into a perfectible science. This is just the first step.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, we’ll be co-hosting a little cocktail hour at Brunos tomorrow evening, and myself and our sysadmin staff will be on-hand, eager to get your feedback and provide more in-depth answers. Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, April 21st from 7 – 9pm
Location: Bruno’s

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