PANTHEON Takes The Guesswork Out of Hosting Drupal-Powered Websites

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Today at DrupalCon San Francisco[1], it was my pleasure to share the stage with Bret Piatt[2] from Rackspace, discussing how we at Chapter Three[3] have implemented the Rackspace Cloud Servers[4] as the platform behind our PANTHEON Mercury  On-Demand service. It was a big moment for me: we have been hard at work for months and this is the proverbial moment where we “ship” our product to the Drupal[5] world.

Mercury On-Demand takes the guesswork out of hosting Drupal-powered websites, but without sacrificing ownership or control on the part of the developer. The Rackspace Cloud allows us to offer a rock-solid platform for Drupalists that comes pre-baked with the most powerful open-source technologies available for delivering webpages, all configured to work together flawlessly.

The result? Bulletproof Drupal websites: Varnish, APC, Pressflow, Memcached and Apache Solr all mean you can push up to 200x more traffic than before. Just add your database, files, and non-core modules/themes, and you’re site will be capable of withstanding over 2,000+ request per second without breaking a sweat.

But just as important for us: this isn’t a walled-garden where you have to sacrifice freedom for high performance. There’s no lock-in, and no secret sauce. It’s your server – you’ve got root! You can install any Drupal modules you like, or even other applications if you need to integrate. The critical aspects of the Mercury stack are managed through a modern configuration-management system called BCFG2, which includes templates so that you can still customize and tweak your environment to suit your precise use-case. This also lets you choose to upgrade as we continue developing new innovations.

We’re proud to debut this product at DrupalCon SF, to be a part of making Drupal into more of a “sure thing” for all those in the hunt for a modern, hassle-free CMS solution. We’ve got a long-term vision to leverage our experience building hundreds of high profile sites and turn every aspect of this process into a perfectible science. This is just the first step.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, we’ll be co-hosting a little cocktail hour at Brunos tomorrow evening, and myself and our sysadmin staff will be on-hand, eager to get your feedback and provide more in-depth answers. Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, April 21st from 7 – 9pm
Location: Bruno’s[6]

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