ParLevel Systems: A Geekdom Startup Disrupting The Vending Machine Industry On The Rackspace Cloud

ParLevel Systems is aiming to disrupt the vending machine industry, an old business if there ever was one.

The startup develops tools for vending machine operators so then can gain full control of their business and maximize their profits. ParLevel makes a plug-and-play vending machine monitoring tool that sends data to a cloud-based management system that gives vendors new insight into their business. ParLevel is based at Geekdom, the collaborative co-working space where tech entrepreneurs and developers build businesses in downtown San Antonio.

“ParLevel is creating easy-to-use tools that are effective, powerful, and solve a real problem. ParLevel provides intelligent solutions for the vending industry, with devices and powerful web-based management systems, giving vending machine operators full control of their business to maximize profits,” says ParLevel Systems co-founder and COO Walter Teele.

Teele says that ParLevel was introduced to Geekdom while participating in a 3 Day Startup event in 2011. He had participated in the event with an idea called Stride Sync, a music application that integrated individuals’ playlists to create a common playlist for people who work out in groups.

The ParLevel team connected its first vending machine at Geekdom with its hardware and software tools for testing. From this first prototype the group of technical co-founders started the development of the full, robust vending machine solution.

“Luis Gonzalez, one of my co-founders, overheard someone complain about the pain of managing vending machines without knowing what was happening in real time,” Teele explains. “We talked to more vending machine operators and saw that it was a big problem with no big solution. So we decided to solve it.”

During the second class of TechStars Cloud in early 2013, which was held at Geekdom, the group of Trinity University alumni developed the concept that became ParLevel Systems. It was during its startup accelerator experience that ParLevel was introduced to the Rackspace Startup Program through program managers who were assisting the TechStars accelerator staff.

“Geekdom had everything we needed from the very beginning: space, mentorship, funding and talent.” Teele says. “Geekdom keeps providing us with the community support and resources like the Rackspace Startup Program that we need to grow our company. The Rackspace Startup Program has been an amazing supporter of ParLevel and Rackspace delivers fantastic customer service.”

Teele says that he and the rest of the team are looking forward to continue disrupting the vending machine industry.

“We are heavily focused on developing the best possible product to our customers, as we see the future opportunities in the vending machine market and challenges they will face,” concludes Teele. “We see ourselves having the best solution for vending machine operators in the market.”

The Rackspace Startup Program was there to help ParLevel Systems bring its vending machine tools and powerful web-based management systems to market. Drop the Startup Team a note and let us know if you need help building your startup.

John McKenna loves startups and was a Space Cowboy with the Rackspace Startup Program. He also crafted customer stories and produced really cool videos for the Customer Reference Program. John enjoys telling stories through his writings…and loves the beach, the ranch, his dog Blue and most of all his three beautiful daughters.


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