Partner Thursday: Start monitoring your Servers in minutes with Scout

    The cloud makes it so easy to deploy servers on the fly. That’s why it’s key that your monitoring software is easy to deploy and works as fast as you do.

    The Rackspace Cloud has decided to partner with Scout, which allows for easy-to-deploy application and server monitoring in multiple languages. What else is cool about Scout?

    •    Scout has a strong set of plugins to choose from built by their community, so it’s not too simple but won’t bog you down in complexity.

    •    Scout can be deployed in less than five minutes.

    •    Scout allows you to monitor scripts from their web interface, so there’s no more monitoring scripts by hand on multiple servers.

    •    It’s just $19 a server.

    We found this review that compares it to other monitoring services as well as this one that mentions new features. Check out Scout at the Rackspace Tools site as well as this introductory video:

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