Performance Cloud Servers Coming To Australia

Underperforming servers and failure in the cloud can lead to overly complicated architectures, server sprawl and operational nightmares. When that happens, your architects end up spending precious development time compensating for cloud deficiency rather than building the next killer app.

Six months ago we launched our most powerful model of cloud servers that are designed to provide an unparalleled level of application performance—and starting 13 May, our Australian customers can also leverage the reliability of Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, from our Sydney data centre along with our US and UK data centres.

Powered by OpenStack, Performance Cloud Servers inject performance and reliability to the public cloud at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Performance Cloud Servers create a powerful platform for a variety of workloads, ranging from basic web hosting to large scale NoSQL data stores like MongoDB and Cassandra.

The first company to use these supercharged servers in Australia is simPRO, a trade professional software company that delivers ERP solutions to more than 1,900 customers worldwide. simPRO Enterprise is a suite of tools specifically designed for trade industry organisations, enabling consumers to operationalise their ERP by placing all the points of the trade process into a cloud-based application.

The company originally managed a co-located environment but quickly saw rapid growth that required a much faster solution. They needed more agile performance, higher reliability and greater customer support—so they turned to us. From receiving the initial customer call through to the tradesperson invoicing the job, all documentation and transactions can now be completed in the cloud on Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers.

Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers are designed with 100 percent data centre-grade, RAID 10-protected solid-state disks (SSDs), powerful Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, up to 120 Gigabytes of RAM, and 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to the host. These servers deliver more total performance over existing Cloud Servers, including:

  • 4X more total RAM
  • 2X more total CPU performance
  • 132X more total disk I/O (input/output)
  • 8.3X more total network bandwidth
  • 2.6X more total overall performance

Performance Cloud Servers are engineered to deliver speed, reliability, throughput and scale. And as always, our specialists are here to help you architect, build and operate your Performance Cloud Servers in the cloud.

Angus is Director and General Manager for Rackspace in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for driving Rackspace’s growth in the region and establishing local teams to ensure that Australian and New Zealand customers receive Rackspace’s famous Fanatical Support. Prior to this role, Angus was Rackspace’s Director of Operations for Australia and New Zealand. During this time, he played an important part in setting up operational aspects of Rackspace’s local business to support future growth and also in coordinating teams to ensure a successful build and launch of the Rackspace Open Cloud in Australia.


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