Performance Cloud Servers: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

How about a performance boost this holiday season?

In the month since we launched Performance Cloud Servers, more and more customers are enjoying the benefits that enhanced networks, faster processors and SSDs are injecting into their web, mobile, social media and gaming applications, along with their relational and NoSQL databases..

If you are already using our Performance flavors: fantastic, and thank you! But if you haven’t had the chance to try Performance Cloud Servers yet, we have a holiday treat for you that’s too good to refuse: we are going to give you the first $50 of your Cloud Server use completely free each month for the first six months from the time you sign up! That’s $50 of Cloud Server hosting each month – up to $300 total — with no obligations, hidden terms or secret catches. You can learn more about this offer and sign up here.

Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers are backed by 100 percent SSD storage, powerful Intel Xeon processes and up to 120GB of RAM, along with network bandwidth of 40Gbps to every host machine for lightning-fast connections for other clod servers and the web. Cloud Spectator, a leading performance and pricing analyst firm for IaaS providers, found in independent benchmark tests that Performance Cloud Servers outshine our Standard Cloud Servers models. In our own tests, we found Performance Cloud Servers significantly outperform comparatively-sized Standard Cloud Servers, offering as much as 2.1 times more processing power; 59 times more disk I/O; 3.6 times more network bandwidth; 2.8 times better overall performance; and 10 times better MongoDB performance.

Performance Cloud Servers are available now in our Northern Virginia, Dallas, Chicago and London regions.

Get started with Performance Cloud Servers today and see for yourself what it is like to experience great performance in the cloud. Join cutting-edge businesses like Blastro Networks and Commissions Inc. whose applications are experiencing extreme performance with Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers.

Richard Goodwin joined Rackspace as a Product Manager in June 2012, focusing on images and the OpenStack Glance project in the Cloud Compute team. Before joining Rackspace, he helped manage and launch a series of online services, including online backup, in the group at Symantec Corp. He has a long history in both web services and storage technologies, with almost a decade each at Symantec and Dell Inc. serving enterprise and SMB customers.


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