Performance Cloud Servers Zoom Into Chicago, London Regions

Last week, we launched Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, a new breed of cloud servers built to deliver exceptional levels of application performance, and made them available in our Northern Virginia (IAD) region. Today, we’re expanding the reach of Performance Cloud Servers to our Chicago (ORD) and London (LON) regions.

And we’re not stopping there. We are working to bring Performance Cloud Servers to our Dallas (DFW) region later this month, and to our Hong Kong and Sydney regions in the first half of 2014.

Our customers have told us that their cloud applications require high levels of performance and reliability. We have engineered Performance Cloud Servers to deliver speed, throughput, reliability and scale improvements over our Standard Cloud Servers. Now you can leverage the flexibility of the cloud and get the performance that matters for today’s sophisticated cloud applications.

Performance Cloud Servers are backed by 100 percent SSD storage, powerful Intel Xeon processors, and amazing increases in RAM capability and network performance. The new Performance servers are ideal for tackling a large variety of workloads from simple web hosting applications to large NoSQL data stores. Performance Cloud Servers have up to 120GB of RAM, which is 4x the size of the largest available Standard Cloud Server. This expands the types of workloads you can run in Rackspace Cloud.  We have also significantly improved the network bandwidth with 40Gbps to every host machine. This means blazing fast connections for other Cloud Servers and the Internet, and also for Cloud Block Storage. You can easily attach Cloud Block Storage volumes and get high network throughput for your applications.

Our new Performance Cloud Servers are built on OpenStack, the world’s leading open source cloud operating system, and are ideal for a hybrid cloud environment that offers the best-fit infrastructure for each of your workloads, whether they run best on the public cloud, the private cloud, bare metal servers or a combination of these platforms.

Our customers and partners are already experiencing incredible results with Performance Cloud Servers. One customer, Commissions Inc., previewed the new offering and saw dramatic improvement to its data processing workloads – a boost of 6x to 8x.

Another customer, Blastro Networks, delivers video transcoding of live concerts and streams it to its users, has a workload that is very spikey and requires a cloud solution that reduces its overall TCO. Blastro was frustrated by the lack of performance of its previous cloud products. Using Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, this company wowed its customers with the amazing HD-quality and high bitrate live video streaming of a recent concert.

And there are many other customers experiencing similar results.

Our goal at Rackspace is to deliver industry leading performance with the simplicity and reliability our customers deserve and expect. We’re doing that with Performance Cloud Servers. To learn more about Performance Cloud Servers click here.

Richard Goodwin joined Rackspace as a Product Manager in June 2012, focusing on images and the OpenStack Glance project in the Cloud Compute team. Before joining Rackspace, he helped manage and launch a series of online services, including online backup, in the group at Symantec Corp. He has a long history in both web services and storage technologies, with almost a decade each at Symantec and Dell Inc. serving enterprise and SMB customers.


  1. Seems like rackspace is on purpose deteriorating the QOS of standard servers to pitch performance servers. Never had hardware problems in years of use, now all of a sudden so many servers in our account are failing due to hardware.

    • Hi there Piyush – I can assure you that we haven’t done anything to diminish the quality of service Standard Cloud Servers provide, nor do we plan to. Even so, I’m really disappointed to hear about the recent hardware failures you’ve experienced. If you want, feel free to email me:

      -Thomas Duesing
      Technical Product Manager, Cloud Servers


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