Plugins, Gems, Repositories and Client Libraries to Make Developing for Cloud Servers Easier

    There are almost 30 Rack Cloud Tools submissions available from developers around the world that make developing on Cloud Servers easier.  Some great examples are Main repository for ToppCloud, a utility for deploying Python applications to cloud servers, in a style roughly inspired by App Engine (by Ian Bicking) and Dasein Cloud, which is an Open Source Java API that specifies cloud-independent interfaces for enabling an application to access resources across multiple clouds (by Enstratus, LLC).

    You can search for what you need at for either Cloud Files or Cloud Servers submissions.  We will soon break these down by language to make searching for what you need even easier.

    If you are searching for something in particular, you can ping me on Twitter at @michellegreer.  I will be happy to help you, as will my other associates in Corporate Development Bret Piatt (@bpiatt) and Mark Collier (@sparkycollier).  Wade Minter (@minter) is another Racker who has built for our APIs who can help you as well.

    If you see any cool submissions that could help out others using our API, please send the GitHub, BitBucket or other URLs to michelle.greer(at)  Who knows, if you are the most helpful, I might even send you a Threadless tee as I’ve been known to do that in the past.

    Rack Blogger is our catchall blog byline, subbed in when a Racker author moves on, or used when we publish a guest post. You can email Rack Blogger at


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