Launch: Automatic Upgrades

This morning we released automatic upgrades, the latest phase of our ongoing billing project. Automatic upgrades allow customers who have signed up on our website to upgrade their services without having to contact our Customer Care team. You can simply login to the control panel, click “Upgrade Services” inside of “My Account”, and then fill out a form that is very similar to the signup form used on our website.

The process is completely automated, meaning that the upgrades are provisioned immediately, an invoice is generated, your credit card is charged, and all of the important billing information is updated.

Brian Lamar and Vinny worked extremely hard on this project and put in some very long days this week to make sure it was released on schedule. Nell-Marie, Andrea, and Manny all worked hard on designing the system and providing the content. Ben and Velvet not only contributed much of their invaluable input, but tested the heck out of the system and found many key issues before it was released.

And like everything else, Kevin led the charge and helped where he could.

This billing stuff can get really complex but the #1 goal is to make it easy for the customer. We think this is another step in the right direction.

As a side note, resellers and larger customers do not have the same automatic upgrade capabilities quite yet. We’ll be working on that soon.

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