Predictions and Promulgations with Lew Moorman

Lew Moorman, President, Cloud and Chief Strategy Officer of Rackspace, recently spoke at a customer event and posted a blog sharing insight and vision into the future of hosting – a future that is undeniably moving into the cloud. The Rackspace Cloud is devoted to advancing the cloud quickly, and Lew focused part of his talk on Cloud Servers; “We have had great traction on an offer that includes persistent storage, DNS services, auto resizes, and other easy-to-use tools.”

Check out Lew’s full blog post here.

We are, of course, never ones to rest on our laurels, and we have several plans to further develop Cloud Servers moving forward. Some excerpts:

  • One is API’s:  As you may know, we’ve recently released the API spec for public comment – after all, the people using the spec should define it.  We’ve received great feedback on it already (thanks!).  It will be released to the public in July and you can expect a lot of cool partner tools quickly.
  • Windows: Windows for Cloud Servers is officially coming. Fully-supported, high-performance Windows that supports the latest OS and database builds and also meets Microsoft’s supportability standards. Yes, it’s a high standard, and yes, it will cause longer timelines, but the work is underway, and the benefits are on the horizon.

At The Rackspace Cloud, we are dedicated to constantly improving all our offerings, including Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites and Cloud Files and we always welcome feedback.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to give us a ring at 1-877-934-0409, drop us a line on Live Chat, or shoot us a Tweet on Twitter @mosso. We’re always here, and we love to hear from you.


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