Prescription For SharePoint Migration Migraines

Migrating SharePoint from an on-premise environment to a SharePoint service provider offers an ideal opportunity to streamline data stores by consolidating resources and functionality while using governance tools to plan for ongoing data management. However, the migration process can also be a complex, hard-to-manage project resulting in lost productivity, data corruption or loss of critical functionality if it’s not properly planned and executed. Here are a few points to consider when gearing up for a SharePoint migration.

SharePoint Migration Migraine Causes

  1. Compliance requirements. Some industries have strict regulations around storage and transmission of data that can limit or alter how SharePoint is deployed.
  2. Customization concerns. Custom code and modifications built into your SharePoint system increases the complexity of a SharePoint migration.
  3. Third-party applications. Many enterprises rely on multiple third-party applications to augment their SharePoint environments. These plug-ins are also known to pose obstacles during migration.
  4. User adoption challenges. SharePoint migrations can fall apart on the 
people level if IT and users are not properly trained and supported during the transition.
  5. Availability and reliability. Migration to a hosted platform shifts responsibility for keeping SharePoint operational from the internal IT organization to a hosting partner bound by uptime guarantees, outage response time frames and related service level guarantees. Be sure you fully understand what guarantees you have before moving your data to a service provider.
  6. Lack of flexibility. Although an enterprise may use a relatively small set of SharePoint features today, they may have far more ambitious plans for the future. Migrating without keeping a view on the future can create the need for additional, unnecessary migrations.
  7. Fear of the unknown. Even a simple technology migration project involves expecting the unexpected. To avoid migraines down the line an IT organization must anticipate problems, create contingency plans and prepare a detailed migration road map before getting started.

Our SharePoint Migration Migraine whitepaper takes a deeper look at all the obstacles in SharePoint migrations and the role a hosting provider can play in the actual migration process.

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