Privacy and Data Protection: Keeping Your Most Valuable Information Safe

Today, Rackspace announced the launch of a new cyber security offering, Privacy and Data Protection (PDP), which is designed to protect sensitive data in a customer’s environment such as intellectual property, customer payment information and personally identifiable information.

PDP covers everything from confidential company data to credit history to social security numbers and beyond. The new offering also helps customers meet strict compliance requirements around securing data at rest.

Why does this matter?

Think “Game.Of.Thrones,” that is, the recent HBO breach in which attackers are threatening to leak key plot details and even entire scripts and episodes of the popular show if they aren’t paid a Bitcoin ransom. We’re seeing more and more breaches target valuable and confidential information, which is then held hostage until the victim pays up.

Furthermore, according to Thales’ most recent threat report, 49 percent of enterprises will use sensitive data in the cloud this year, and, worryingly, 63 percent of respondents indicated that their organizations are deploying cloud and other advanced technologies without having appropriate data security in place. Gartner goes further to say that in the IaaS world, 95 percent of security failures through 2020 will be the customer’s fault, and more than half of those are due to inadequate management of identities, access and privileges.

The Thales report also notes that tools like encryption and access controls are the top enablers for increasing further enterprise cloud adoption. So, to a C-level audience, the logic is pretty sound — everyone is moving to the cloud, encryption and key control are key (no pun intended) to further adoption and success, especially as the current landscape is so fraught with mismanagement and failure. In this scenario, PDP makes a ton of sense, especially from a management standpoint, as it employs perhaps the greatest of all Rackspace value props: our Fanatical Support.

What are the specific details of the new offering?

Rackspace’s PDP solution provides businesses with a range of security and compliance benefits, including:

  • Understanding risks associated with data — Rackspace will help customers to understand, identify and document the most sensitive data in their environments.
  • Enhanced data protection — Deploys technology platforms to restrict access to approved company personnel and processes, while generating detailed information about unauthorized access by users, applications and systems to sensitive data.
  • Detailed compliance reporting — Delivers detailed monthly reporting to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their data usage and how it is being protected, as well as assists in meeting compliance requirements in most regions, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and PCI-DSS.

As part of the PDP solution, Rackspace continues to collaborate with industry-leading technology partners, in this case utilizing the Vormetric Transparent Data Encryption platform from Thales.

To purchase PDP, you do need to be a Rackspace customer — the offer is currently available to our dedicated hosting customers, and discussions are ongoing around extending it to our public cloud support — but you don’t need to be a Rackspace Managed Security customer specifically.

With regards to compliance assistance (CA), the new PDP offering represents a key part of a unified security operation approach that businesses need to ensure their organization is protected. So what that really means — in talking with our product teams — is that CA will integrate the data provided by PDP to connect directly to various compliance regimes along with other information about the customer’s environment. PDP as a standalone will provide reporting that the customer can use to meet objectives. Think of it this way: PDP is evidence. CA provides additional reporting plus service-level value.

I believe the offer will speak for itself, and incoming customer wins will serve as a solid proof point. As we help our customers focus on growing their business, we’ll protect their data, whatever it may be. For more info, visit Rackspace, or speak to an RMS Specialist.

Robert Sawyer heads up product marketing for Rackspace Managed Security, an industry-leading offering delivering rapid detection and remediation of advanced cyber threats. He has more than 15 years experience in the IT industry, in roles ranging from portfolio marketing to development, test automation and infrastructure management. He’s worked in over a dozen programming languages and might still be able to write Hello World in one of them. Follow him on Twitter @rsawyer42 for tips on hoops, guitar and raising four rowdy boys.


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