Proactive Expertise, Hybrid Technologies Drive Ecommerce Growth

By Japhet Pérez Atristain, CTO, Dafiti

In the ecommerce world, fast load times are imperative. If a customer doesn’t get to our site in less than four seconds, they’ll go to another store and we’ll lose that visit, and the potential sale.

We have to ensure each and every customer has a great online shopping experience, and we have to guarantee that whether they shop from a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. To do that, we need a fast, reliable website.

For Dafiti, our ecommerce site is our business. We don’t have brick and mortar stores. We sell clothing, shoes and accessories online, and our web performance (along with our products) has to be a differentiator.

And we’re growing quickly – we have the highest growth among ecommerce fashion operators in Brazil. We started with four dedicated servers from Rackspace (two frontend and two backend). That’s where we run our public facing content store our customer information and kept our databases, Puppet and more. As we grew and increased our web presence with a blog, a wiki and other pieces, we needed to burstability of the cloud. We’ve added two Cloud Servers and a fifth dedicated server to accommodate this growth. Now, our platform and our business run in a full hybrid cloud configuration. And we’re in the process of considering additional Cloud Servers to increase our capabilities.

While page load time is one key measure of performance for Dafiti, uptime and security are also essential. But equally important is the level of customer service we receive from Rackspace. That’s a major part of the story. From Rackspace’s team of specialists we get up-front, proactive service through which Rackers answer questions about our configuration and security and help us draft plans that will ensure our success. We trust Rackspace to help us with our deployments and to move our configurations.  We know they’re there for us no matter what we need.

For Dafiti, it’s the human touch coupled with the technology that makes Rackspace an integral part of our team. Rackspace has the specialists on hand that we can tap any time – it’s like having an on-call consultant available 24×7 – and our business couldn’t run without them.

This is a guest post written and submitted by Japhet Pérez Atristain, CTO of Dafiti, a Rackspace customer. Dafiti is an online footwear, fashion and accessories store that operates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Mexico.


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