For ProcessMAP, Rackspace Key to Scale and Growth

As a leading provider of cloud-based software for some of the world’s largest enterprises (think Goodyear Tires or Whirlpool Appliances), ProcessMAP has been helping customers mitigate risk associated with corporate compliance and health and safety requirements since 2001.

More impressive than their list of customers — which spans a wide spectrum of industries from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing to utilities — may be the fact that ProcessMAP has been operating in the cloud since their inception, making them one of the earliest adopters of the now increasingly ubiquitous technology.

“Today, we’re the only software in the world in our space that does 100 percent cloud,” said ProcessMAP Co-founder and CTO Jagan Garimella.

But even for these cloud pioneers, who had been maintaining their own data centers for years, sudden, rapid growth and the need for highly scalable, cost-effective infrastructure meant they needed a partner, and one who could step in seamlessly to help them keep up.

“With an explosion of growth, we realized there was only so much we could do at scale,” Garimella said. “So we wanted a reliable partner who could help us do that.”

ProcessMAP had also been performing colocation, and found themselves relying on internal resources to constantly monitor hardware. Freeing up that staff to focus on the core business was important, said Garimella, as was a focus on security.

“We are heavily data-centric, and it’s not just any data; it is personal, and health-related,” he said. “We work with Fortune 100 customers and their IT requires levels of compliance and security that are second to none.”

ProcessMAP’s dashboards deliver real-time insight into key performance indicators, equipping customers to make better decisions that improve safety and their bottom line.

ProcessMAP needed a provider who could offer technical competence as well as confidence with regards to excellent reliability and security.

Garimella and his team shopped around briefly, but it quickly became apparent that the partner they were looking for was Rackspace.

“We immediately had confidence that Rackspace could provide what we required, for security, service and stability,” Garimella said.

And while migrating to Rackspace infrastructure was slightly more expensive in the short-term, over the long run, the relationship ProcessMAP has developed with Rackspace means their backend and hardware concerns are outsourced, freeing up the company’s internal team to focus on building the business.

“We didn’t have a system that was easy to migrate, and Rackspace provided above and beyond support,” Garimella said. “One of the reasons we chose Rackspace over everybody else was response time, and we saw this in action right from the beginning.”

Garimella said he looked at other leading cloud providers, but Rackspace led the search because he was able to “pick up the phone and call anybody.”

“I even got emails from your CEO, seeing how he could help us out,” he said. “This was the level of service we needed.”

ProcessMAP’s Information Technology Manager, Raynald Mathieu, also saw the importance of Rackspace assistance with implementation, and he got to see it up-close.

“We’re trying to give our customers the best performance possible,” he said. “I need to present customers with a platform that performs well, a good testing environment, and good protection. If we ever have an issue, Rackspace has gotten the problem quickly resolved, with the right solution and people who know exactly what’s happening. All those things together, you get strong peace of mind.”

Further, both Garimella and Mathieu relayed the boost they get when pitching to prospective customers, as soon as they mention that Rackspace is managing their backend operations.

“I think it often seals the deal,” Garimella said. “When prospective customers hear that we’re using Rackspace, they’re much more likely to come aboard.”

Today ProcessMAP is using Rackspace Dedicated Hosting as well as Managed Public and Private Cloud services to assist customers in 125 countries, speaking more than 20 languages.

Achieving that scale, Garimella said, would have been much more difficult if ProcessMAP had not leveraged Rackspace.

“We’ve achieved what we sought,” he said. “More reliable infrastructure, and we no longer have to worry about the day-to-day administration and management and oversight of that infrastructure, which was taking the bulk of our time.”

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