Product Update: Cloud Sites

Filed in Partner & Customer Updates by Josh Odom | June 28, 2011 8:55 am

[1]Cloud computing[2] is quickly evolving.  At Rackspace, we naturally embrace change by continuously evolving our products and services to support the unique needs of our customers.  Cloud Sites[3] is not an exception.

We’re fully committed to the Cloud Sites product and are in the process of expanding the team dedicated to the ongoing development. In the near future, Cloud Sites will offer:

• Improved DNS management capabilities to give users more control in managing their domains on our system.
• Better interoperability with other cloud products[4] to provide a seamless experience with integrating different cloud resources.
• Public API access to provision and manage web sites and other resources.
• PHP 5.3 and .NET 4.0 language support providing users the ability to deploy new sites or automatically update their existing sites to the framework of their choice.

This is an exciting time for Cloud Sites, and as we continue to develop the product, we appreciate any feedback you have.  We invite you to submit suggestions through our User Voice customer feedback site,[5], where customers have the opportunity to discuss and vote on features that are most valuable to them.

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