You’ve heard of the “quantified self” movement, right? You know, wear a Nike Fuelband or a Fitbit and watch how well you are exercising (or not). How about at work, though? Well, tenXer has a way to watch your work and see if you can get more productive. Try it out and listen to Jeff Ma, CEO, talk about what it does. (He’s a famous blackjack player, so we joke around that at the beginning).

tenXer is a San Francisco based startup founded by Ma. The company is redefining personal productivity by building a platform that allows any employee to visualize, analyze and improve their daily work habits. tenXer collects data from the places where work is already being done and presents this data in an interesting, engaging and compelling format. Combining this data with social and game-like motivation systems, you become more intrinsically motivated and simply put, better at your job.

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