Prove Your Gut Feeling Wrong; Embrace Big Data [Webinar]

Data is everywhere. It’s in every organization, economy and sector. It touches every technology user. Storing, aggregating and analyzing data is now crucial for every business.

Being a “Big Data company” is about more than just implementing the latest technologies. In fact, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when implementing data-driven solutions is directly related to corporate culture. That shift requires senior leadership communication and buy-in, cross-functional strategies, shared visions and teams and more.

In a recent webinar, Rackspace Principal Software Engineer Alex Silva discussed how to:

  1. Adopt the right data infrastructure
  2. Democratize data
  3. Enable experimentation
  4. Foster a data-driven culture

The next wave of leaders will make big decisions based on Big Data, not based on their gut feelings.

Check out the full video recording of the webinar here (registration required) and learn how to prove your gut wrong and start using Big Data in your business.

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