Provision Additional IPv4 Addresses In The Open Cloud

Filed in Product & Development by Sameer Satyam | May 14, 2013 4:52 pm

You can now provision additional IPv4 addresses on your Cloud Servers[1] in the next generation Rackspace Cloud. Until now, this capability was only available in our first generation cloud.

We heard your feedback and added the capability to the open cloud! And what’s better? We have launched a promotional offer on additional IPv4 addresses in the next generation cloud. For a brief period of time, the additional IPv4 addresses on your Cloud Servers can be obtained for free!

For more information on this promotional pricing offer and to provision additional IPv4 addresses on your Cloud Servers in the next generation cloud, you can contact Rackspace support.

More details on requesting additional IPv4 addresses can be found here:[2]

If you use RackConnect[3] and require additional IPv4 addresses on your Cloud Servers, please see the following article for more details. Please contact the ‘Dedicated’ support team for further details and assistance.[4]

In addition, we are working on offering the ability to provision additional public IP addresses on servers via a self-service API. Once this capability is available, you will no longer need to call support to provision them. Watch this space for further updates.

As always, we greatly value your feedback and we look forward to helping you deploy the next generation of applications on the Rackspace open cloud[5]!

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