Quality Control App TruQC Taps Rackspace To Get The Job Done

A leading industrial painting company has embraced all that cloud technology has to offer, specifically when it comes to documenting the work they’re doing as they continue to restore the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the country’s most historic bridges.

Industrial painting documentation 101
If you’re unfamiliar with industrial painting, which, let’s face it, you probably are, it’s important to know that bridge painting presents a very unique set of challenges. From a list of safety concerns to hundreds, if not thousands, of different surfaces to be prepped and painted, everything that happens on a job must be documented with care and precision. It’s a lot of work and it can be extremely time-consuming, and at times, very confusing. To date, such documentation has been done by hand on paper – a tedious, often inaccurate and expensive process.

That’s why Thomas Industrial Coatings, the aforementioned painting company, sought the services of the TruQC quality control app for job-site documentation.

Eads Bridge, St. Louis

TruQC – the job-site documentation app
TruQC is a quality control and job-site documentation app that makes job-sites safer, more efficient and better documented.

TruQC taps the power of the cloud to allow off-site access to on-site initiatives, making project documentation as simple as a tap of the iPad screen.

How TruQC uses Rackspace
At TruQC, we store all database backups in Rackspace’s Cloud Files. As of January 2013, this accounts for almost 30GB of MySQL data. TruQC also utilizes Cloud Files for all photos, signatures, as well as documents as part of the new TruQC Document Library in v2.0 of our app.

In addition to the strong capabilities of Cloud Files, we found Rackspace’s 100 percent network uptime to be very important. It helps us guarantee that our clients will have reliable access to daily mission-critical report data. On a job-site, when a budget and timeline must always be considered, there’s no time for downtime. Rackspace helps us consistently deliver to this.

Currently, TruQC’s data storage needs at Rackspace are growing at an average of 70 percent per month over the last three months. TruQC utilizes Cloud Servers for redundant production virtual instances of Apache running PHP for the sync system.  TruQC utilizes Cloud Servers for master and slave MySQL virtual instances. Backups are taken once per day from master and every hour from slave.

Long story short
In conclusion, many of our capabilities at TruQC are dependent upon a smooth-running and consistent cloud company. For TruQC, that company has been Rackspace.


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