Questions About The Cloud? Contact The Cloud Launch Team

While I work in the cloud everyday, I know that it is still a new concept for many people. Oftentimes, people have questions about the technology, use cases and best practices. Even though cloud hosting is similar to dedicated hosting, there are some key differences. The Cloud Launch Team, a group that I work with, is a great source to help you get your cloud questions answered – even the ones you didn’t even know you had.

Every Thursday, I cohost a Google+ Hangout on the Rackspace Google+ page alongside Alan Bush where we talk about the cloud and interview customers who have had success leveraging it. For a more specific conversation about how you can take advantage of the cloud or how it could augment your dedicated hosting footprint, simply give Rackspace a call and ask to speak to a Cloud Launch Manager. In the video below, other Cloud Launch Managers on my team talk about a few reasons you should give us a call if you are considering the cloud. If you need help with learning more about the cloud, remember to give the Cloud Launch Team a call.

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