Racker Presenting at Cloud Connect

John Dickinson will be presenting at the Cloud Connect Conference tomorrow, February 14th from 11:15AM to 12:15PM, with a session entitled Rackspace & OpenStack Object Storage (Swift): A Love Story.

John is a developer at Rackspace Hosting where he works on Rackspace’s Cloud Files product. He has been active in the OpenStack community since its inception and is the Project Technical Lead for OpenStack Swift. John has built enormous data storage clusters that store billions of objects and petabytes of data for customers. Rackspace Cloud Files is currently one of the largest, if not the largest, production deployment of OpenStack Object Storage.

John’s talk will examine how the cloud storage landscape is similar to the dating landscape: you have lots of potential partners and it’s up to you to figure out with whom you have that special connection. Developing a long term relationship is no easy task. This presentation gives some dating advice regarding cloud storage and OpenStack Object Storage, including:

Speed-dating the potential candidates – Where does object storage fit in the larger storage landscape and what are the common use cases?
Exclusivity is overrated – Should you use open source for your cloud storage solution?
Dating – How does OpenStack Swift work?
Long term relationships – What are the lessons learned while building and running the largest OpenStack Swift clusters in the world?

Be sure to drop by the Party Your Heart Out with Rackspace event tomorrow evening!

Garrett Heath develops content and supports customers on the Rackspace Social Media team. His previous experience includes technical project management in the cloud, content marketing and social media marketing. He enjoys writing about how the cloud is spurring innovation and telling stories about the people behind the tech. You can also read his work at MarketingBytes.io. In his free time, Garrett writes about food and local San Antonio culture at SA Flavor.


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