Rackers Back Roosevelt High School!

We’re proud to announce the unveiling of our “Shared Community Compact” – a first of its kind partnership between Rackspace and North East Independent School District (NEISD). On Friday, April 3rd we announced our commitment to the revitalization of our surrounding community at an event at Roosevelt High School. To exemplify our commitment, Lanham Napier, president and CEO, Graham Weston, Chairman, NEISD Superintendent of Schools, NEISD leadership, student representatives and school principals signed the Compact which provides this initiative’s framework and intentions.

The Community Compact includes a joint effort to provide technology funding for all of the “Magnificent Seven” (the seven schools that surround Rackspace), literacy initiatives,  parent and teacher academies, more access to community resources, engaged parents, engaged students, a vibrant community, and socially responsible corporations.

“At Rackspace, we see an opportunity to build a world-class community right where we work and live,” said Graham. “Working closely with our neighbors at Roosevelt High School, and creating a fully involved community, from students and teachers, to citizens and companies, is our end goal and our support of the Compact will help bring that vision to fruition.”

“NEISD is privileged to have a community-focused company like Rackspace in our own backyard,” said Dr. Richard A. Middleton, Superintendent of Schools. “This is a tremendously valuable commitment for NEISD, and it will help launch our students and community toward success. Even in these economic times, Rackspace is stepping up as a role model and their support will certainly set the bar high for other businesses.”

See below for pictures of the event!

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