For the 3rd year in a row, a group of intrepid Rackers took the stage in front of hundreds of their colleagues to show off talents they don’t normally reveal during work hours.

Rackspace’s version of America’s Got Talent is an annual event that encourages Rackers to share their avocations with their peers and colleagues.

“There are a lot of components that make somewhere a great place to work, and one of them is bringing your whole self to work,” says Global Talent Development Consultant Rick Lozano. “’Rackers Got Talent’ is just that, celebrating who we are and being excited about what we have to give to the world.”

More than 800 Rackers, some at the Castle Event Center, others live streaming, gathered on Aug. 24 to watch the ten Rackers chosen from those auditioned. Rackers sang, played instruments, performed stand up and even rapped.

Check out the video to see why events like “Rackers Got Talent” make Rackspace such a great place to work.

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