Rackspace And EMC: Fueling Your IT Transformation At EMC World

In many cases, two heads are better than one. With that in mind, Rackspace and EMC have a long-standing partnership that creates a powerful one-two punch for the enterprise through the marriage of Rackspace’s hosting prowess and EMC’s storage expertise.

The combination, which integrates Rackspace’s flexible cloud and hosting product portfolio and Fanatical Support with EMC’s strong storage technology, creates a powerhouse pairing that offers enterprise-ready world class products. EMC and Rackspace partners can recommend Rackspace to host, implement and manage customers’ web-based applications and workloads, and do so with confidence.

At EMC World 2012 (May 21 through May 24 at The Venetian in Las Vegas), Rackspace will showcase the possibilities when two tech titans like Rackspace and EMC team up. Though a collaborative process, Rackspace and EMC are able to fuel long-term cloud strategies and solutions, and offer a plethora of enterprise configurations, to help clusters focus on their goals and objectives.

Rackspace and EMC have collaborated since 2001 to deliver innovative products and services that leverage both companies’ portfolios. And last year, the two tightened their relationships when Rackspace joined the EMC Velocity Service Provider Program.

We offer Dedicated Hosting with EMC storage, RackConnect with EMC storage and Private Cloud with EMC storage. We know that enterprise needs are not the same, so we’re helping out with different solutions for the various problems that can spring up. And at EMC World, we’ll be showcasing RackConnect, our hybrid hosting offering; Advisory Services, our team of enterprise architects that can help you design and customize your cloud environment; and Private Cloud.

Currently, the market is pulling customers in various different directions. C level executives are being called upon to develop strategies that help them get a better return on resources and do more with less. At the same time, IT management is faced with serving the dynamic and demanding needs of disparate business unites while also staying innovative and reducing costs. Meanwhile, developers on the front line have become over-taxed by the need to scale resources and bulk up cloud expertise to get the job done right and get it done quickly.

Together, Rackspace’s and EMC’s cloud solutions can meet those needs and let enterprises focus on running their core business. Rackspace and EMC let businesses meet business demand and mitigate risk; focus on innovation and avoid lock-in; take control of their infrastructure with more agility; and better utilize resources to reduce costs.

If you want to learn more about how Rackspace and EMC can fuel your IT transformation, please stop by our booth at EMC World (#418). Mention the word “voodoo” for some cool Rackspace schwag.

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