Rackspace Announces Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work

Rackspace Announces Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work

When you add Google Apps for Work to the Rackspace portfolio, you get one of the world’s greatest platforms backed by one of the world’s greatest service companies. Amazing technology, backed by amazing humans.

Have your cake and it eat, too. We promise not to tell.

As you likely know, Google Apps for Work is an accomplished compilation of online communication and collaboration tools targeted for your business needs. But trudging through the technical minutia, like setting-up MX records and retention policies or maximizing your Google Drive, can be daunting. That’s where Rackspace’s Fanatical Support steps in.

Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work is ready for primetime and we’re excited to announce its official launch. With this launch, we’ve focused on three areas that will help you focus on your business – and not your IT needs.

Fanatical Support
This is where it all begins. Use this cornerstone Rackspace strength with our dedicated, Google Certified Deployment Specialists and Administrators to address your IT concerns. We are committed to the very best support experience possible. As a matter of fact, roughly half of our Cloud Office employees are Fanatical Support “Rackers.” Available 24x7x365, we are ready to help you in any way. Feel free to give Fanatical Support a try at any time by calling +1 (844) 853-1452.

Full Service Deployments
With almost any new service, the bulk of the complexity (and frustration) comes during the initial setup and/or migration. No one likes to be on step 47 of a migration wizard. With our full-service deployments, Rackspace handles every aspect of your setup. No detail is overlooked as we provide total onboarding, from data migrations to custom configurations. We’ve got Step 47 nailed down tight.

Expert Guidance
Our expertise in email and collaboration has been built over 12 years of supporting email customers. Add to that our deep knowledge of and partnership with Google Apps, and you have experts ready and willing to teach you how to be an expert! Whether it’s updating you on the latest and greatest feature or walking you through Google Drive for the first time, our experts teach you how to get the most out of your Google Apps.

Support for ALL your Google Apps

Google Apps for Work at Rackspace covers everything in the Google Apps suite, including archiving (Vault). That’s right. We’ve left no stone unturned. Our goal is to help you understand and utilize this amazing service with minimum frustration so you can be uber-productive.

How much would you pay to ensure your business email is flowing correctly? How valuable is it to call a trusted partner to walk you through a Google Slides presentation at 2:00 a.m.? We think the answer to these questions is “priceless” but we agree that $10/user/mo and $15/user/mo (for archiving and unlimited storage) is a pretty good deal too.

So yes, have your cake and it eat, too. We promise not to tell, unless you want us to, like our customer Let’s Get Organizing. With the challenge of meeting and exceeding client expectations consistently, developing a reliable, experienced staff and equipping them for success, Google Apps for Work made it possible for Let’s Get Organizing to gain a greater focus on ensuring that their customers are getting the best experience possible through improved business efficiencies.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today, or contact us to speak to someone on our dedicated Google Apps team today!

Manny DeJesus manages our Rackspace email and webmail business. He's located in the Blacksburg, Va. office.


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