Introducing Rackspace Archiving — The Cure for Deletion Anxiety

Your finger almost shakes over the mouse, as that little arrow hovers just above the Delete button.  What if you need this email later?  What if you didn’t read it right the first time?  Are you sure you saved the attachment?

Relax.  Just delete it, already.

The cure for your deletion anxiety is as simple as a solid email archiving solution.  Solutions like Rackspace Archiving store a copy of every inbound and outbound message in an archiving portal, which can be searched at any time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.  The best thing is that these copies are generated and delivered to the archive automatically, meaning even the most chaotic users in your office have a perfectly organized email backup system without lifting a finger.

Once all your company’s messages are stored in this archive, finding and retrieving them could not be easier.  Since messages are indexed (or prepared for searching capabilities) on multiple dimensions, including email address, time, subject, body text, attachments and more, searches can be performed on very specific criteria.  Users can even search within a search.  This means that within seconds, the archive system can search through years and years worth of data and find exactly what you’re looking for.

So maybe you will need that email later, or maybe you’ll just need the attachment.  But that’s no reason to keep it around now.  If you need it later, simply find it in the archive and restore it to an inbox.

Don’t let your deletion anxiety take over your inbox.  Get rid of the clutter with Rackspace Archiving.

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