Come See Rackspace Experts At OpenStack Summit San Diego

The OpenStack Summit is just days away, and Rackspace will have a huge presence.

Starting Monday, more than a thousand OpenStackers will converge upon San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt for insight into how to build and run OpenStack software, and how to continue to grow the already vibrant OpenStack community. Attendees can also learn more about OpenStack through content, workshops and design sessions.

Here is a sampling of what Rackspace and its team of experts will be up to at the OpenStack Summit San Diego, which runs Monday, October 15 through Thursday, October 18. And keep an eye on the schedule, because more sessions are being added.

Keynote Presentation

Wednesday, October 17

9:30 a.m.: “Building the World’s Largest Open Cloud”
In his keynote presentation, Rackspace Senior Director of Engineering for Cloud Compute Troy Toman will discuss OpenStack’s tremendous growth; how Rackspace built the world’s largest open cloud on OpenStack; and Rackspace’s evolution from being an OpenStack founder, to becoming a contributor, operator and user. Troy will also look to the future and discuss what’s needed to keep OpenStack and the community strong for years to come.

Rackspace Sessions

Monday October 15

11 a.m.: “Considerations for Building an OpenStack Private Cloud”
Rackspace OpenStack Engineer Ryan Richard will highlight the importance of correctly architecting your cloud and provide guidance on how to start thinking about your private cloud architecture.

11:50 a.m.: “Operating your OpenStack Private Cloud”
In this follow-up to “Considerations for Building an OpenStack Private Cloud,” Rackspace OpenStack Engineer Ryan Richard will focus on providing operators insight into private cloud operation, including what to monitor, available tools and some example procedures for common tasks.

1:50 p.m.: “How OpenStack Compute is Driving Forward Database Services in the Cloud”
Rackspace Software Developer Tim Simpson and HP Senior Software Developer Vipul Sabhaya will have a lively discussion on how cloud database services are changing the landscape around OpenStack Compute and how both Rackspace and HP are adding value to OpenStack with Database Services (Project RedDwarf). The pair will also discuss RedDwarf’s progress and future and how it simplifies database management in the cloud.

Tuesday, October 16

1:50 p.m.: “An Introduction to Nova”
Jacob Walcik, Cloud Architect, Rackspace Private Cloud, will introduce new members of the OpenStack Community to Nova. This session will include a brief history of the project, an overview of the supporting projects (Glance, Keystone, Horizon, etc.), API examples and Nova architecture. The introduction to Nova is designed for new members of the community, business-focused attendees and technical attendees who want an overview or refresher on Nova.

Wednesday, October 17

11 a.m.: “This Is Your Career. This is Your Career on OpenStack.”
This panel discussion, which features Rackspace Cloud Evangelist Niki Acosta, will highlight the career paths of OpenStack heavyweights and how attendees can accelerate their careers with OpenStack. Joining Niki will be John Purrier, CTO at AppFog; Gretchen Curtis, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Piston Cloud Computing; Mike Metral, formerly of Sandia Labs and current Enterprise Architect at Rackspace; and John Dickinson, Director of Technology at SwiftStack and PTL for OpenStack Swift.

11:50 a.m.: “Big Data on OpenStack: A Rackspace Use Case”
Big data is top of mind for many organizations; and Rackspace is no exception. In this session, Rackspace Business Intelligence Specialist Natasha Gajic will discuss how the Rackspace Enterprise Business Intelligence Group sought to move away from its current data warehouse solution to cost effectively scale new infrastructure to meet business demands, house growing amounts of data and customize data collection. To do this, the group used Hadoop, Cassandra and PostgreSQL with an OpenStack cloud and built the Analytical Compute Grid (ACG).

3:40 p.m.: “Moving an Open Source Project to a Foundation – Lessons from the OpenStack Project”
At the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference in October 2011, Rackspace announced that it would move OpenStack to an independent foundation. During the process of moving to a foundation, there were a number of lessons learned. In this session, members of the OpenStack Drafting Committee will share those lessons. The session will be led by Rackspace Vice President and Associate General Counsel Alice King and HP Vice President and Associate General Counsel Eileen Evans.

4:30 p.m.: “Enterprise Volumes and Shared Storage Support in Nova and Cinder”
As enterprises grow to adopt OpenStack, use cases are popping up around resilient storage and the vendors with which enterprises already have procurement relationships. In this session, Rackspace Developer and Software Architect for OpenStack Private Cloud Paul Sims will discuss two foundational functions that need to be supported in OpenStack to build a rich, enterprise-grade storage system: storage tiering and shared volumes.

Thursday, October 18

3:20 p.m.: “Control the Clouds: Developer Experience with jclouds”
Rackspace Developer Advocate Everett Toews will demonstrate how to write code that can control any cloud with jclouds, an open source cross-cloud toolkit that works with both public and private clouds, enabling hybrid cloud workloads. The jclouds toolkit allows developers to write better code in shorter periods of time, and that code works with any cloud.

Register now for the OpenStack Summit in San Diego. We’ll see you there.


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